Exposition collective “ARCbrëll” du 06.04-28.04.2019

Expo: ARCbrëll du 06/04/2019 – 28/04/2019

Vernissage : le 05.04 à 18h
ä la  Maison de la Culture de Diekirch – Galerie d’art municipale
13 rue du curé

Heure d’ouverture : Mardi – Dimanche: 10:00-18:00
“ARCbrëll 2” est une exposition collective des membres de l’association d’artistes ARC: Pissi Adam*, Rol Backendorf, François Besch*, Dany Blasen, Gérard Claude, Josiane Ginter, Anne-Marie Grimler, Marina Herber, Florence Hoffmann, Assy Jans, Nora Juhasz*, Serge Koch, Astrid Koemptgen, Katarzyna Kot-Bach*, Nathalie Lesure, Daniel Mac Lloyd*, Jil Michels*, Gery Oth, Eva Paulin, Isabelle Pirson, Ania Polfer, Stella Radicati, Nicole Rapp, Margot Reding-Schroeder, Reiny Rizzi-Gruhlke, Ingo Schandeler, Jessica Theis*, Günseli Toker, Laurent Turping*, Stephanie Uhres*, Mario Vandivinit. (* première participation) Vernissage: vendredi, le 5 avril 2019 à 18h30
L’expo sera ouverte: de mardi à dimanche 10h00–18h00 (entrée gratuite) Plus d’infos sur notre site: https://arcasbl.wixsite.com/arc-asbl/expositions

Exposition septembre 2018

du 17 au 28 septembre : Exposition collective, Private Art Kirchberg, Banque UBS, Luxembourg

Every two years, the Private Art Kirchberg is hosted. During this event, various institutions located at Kirchberg open their doors and make their art collections available to the general public.

On Sunday, September 23rd, you will have the chance to explore UBS’s creative treasure between 11:00 and 18:00.
In addition to our in-house collection, four artists working in Luxembourg have been invited to exhibit their work on our premises: Jeanette Bremin, Yvette Gastauer – Claire, Nora Juhasz and Jill Michels.


Sunday, September 23rd
From 11:00 to 18:00

UBS Europe SE, Luxembourg Branch

33A, avenue J.F. Kennedy                      

L-2010 Luxembourg